The Crew: How to get your free serial key

Released in 2014 by Ubisoft, The Crew is the latest addiction for car race lovers. The Crew is not like other car racing games with same gameplay, this games offers much more than just racing to its users. The online multiplayer game play, huge map, unique missions and freedom is what you will get upon installing this new racing game.



These are some of the features of The Crew

A crew: You can make a whole team of drivers to make your gameplay much more fun. You will be able to do anything you want with your friends without any restrictions. You can complete your tasks or explore the world of The Crew with your crew. You can get in fights with other single players or compete with other crews which make the whole game experience much more delightful.


Factions: Factions are a totally unique feature in this game. Basically your whole map is divided into sub sections known as factions. Factions can compete with each other to get extra bonuses and experience points which will help the members of the faction. It’s completely your decision whether to join a faction or not. However, you will get extra bonuses on every win of your faction but keep in mind that if you join a faction you will definitely have to defeat some brutal opponents to get the respect of the faction members.


Gigantic map: The Crew comes with a lot of content which means you will be able to drive through a series of landmarks and beautiful scenery in your journey from coast to coast. Although the map comprises of just a single country but it definitely is humungous. The Crew will offer tons of hours of gameplay to its users.


Amazing graphics: When it comes to appearance and graphics, nothing beats The Crew. The Crew is one of the best looking racing games out there in the market and when these graphics are combined with fun gameplay, hours turn into minutes.


Skill challenges: Skill challenges are small mini missions that are scattered all across the US. You will trigger these missions upon driving through them. You can either ignore these missions but it would be good for you to pick these missions up as they will grant lots of bonus items and experience.


How to get a serial key

No doubt that a game like The Crew will cost you a lot of money, if you are one of those people who aren’t in favor of spending a lot of money on a single game especially if they aren’t sure if they will like it or not then our serial key (given below) will make it easier for you to try The Crew without spending a single dime. Download The Crew CD Key and insert it during the installation process when installer asks for the key and enjoy this fun racing game!

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