Radio Control Cars and The Future

Associated Electrics is one of the biggest companies that deal with electric and gas powered rc cars manufacturing. In fact, modern development of the radio control cars technology begins with this company. Today, they are part of Thunder Tiger Corporation, but that certainly doesn’t mean that they aren’t as powerful as they were. If you’re familiar with rc cars, than you must have heard of Associated Electrics, and if you’re a newbie, than you should definitely learn something about One of the most famous companies in the business. Anyway, I’m going to introduce some basic facts, and I hope that it is going to enrich your knowledge.


Roger Curtis and Lee Yurada founded the company in 1964 in California. They originally intended to manufacture parts for slot cars, but soon, their idea was all over the place, and they found themselves with more job than they could handle. They didn’t have other choice than to come up with a completely new company. Associated Electrics was born, and they were becoming seriously specialized in producing chassis and accessories for slot cars. Soon, company has moved to paramount because business was developing so well. However, there were some troubles between Yurada and Curtis, and Curtis eventually persuaded Gene Husting to buy Yurada’s share in 1970. RC1 was introduced, and that was their first of many gas powered rc cars. For full list visit In 1978, company introduced RC12. This was electric model and it was on-road racing car. It is widely considered that we should thank the RC12 for development of RC cars racing as a sport, and in a period from 1978 to 2012, 12 different versions of this model were manufactured. During 1980, Mike Reedy joined Associated Electrics, and this was one of the crucial moments in the history of company, because from that point on, everything was developing dramatically fast.

In 1984, Curtis introduced new electric off-road model, and this symbolized growth inside of Associated Electrics, but also, growth inside the whole radio controlled cars industry as well. this model was known as RC10, and it was considered to be one of the best racing rc models of its time. Without exaggerating, I think that it would be safe to say that RC10 is one of the most influential rc cars in the history. Gene Husting stayed in the company until 2000, because this is the year of his retirement. After his retirement, Husting sold his share of the company to Curtis, who sold the entire company to Thunder Tiger Corporation in 2005, when he decided to semi-retire.


Well, there it is, a short look on the history of Associated Electronics. I felt like this was something that could prove to be useful, because if you are a beginner, then it could be important for you to know things such as this one. If you ever happen to be in a company of some experienced RC users, you certainly wouldn’t want to display yourself as someone who know absolutely nothing about one of the most important names in the history of game. Don’t worry, you’re welcome.

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